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fixed deposits

While short-term investment focuses on capital preservation, long-term investment focuses on wealth building. It is all about building an investment portfolio that will give you income in the long run, whether for retirement or to satisfy any other long-term financial objective. It is essential to build money to sustain the amount of income you will need in the future. However, a measure of risk is required with investment options to reap profits. It often comprises equity investments, ULIPs, and other similar products. On the other hand, riskier investment options provide a possibility to recoup from market dangers if you remain…

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fixed deposit

It has been proposed to exclude older individuals from submitting income tax returns if their only source of annual income is pension and interest income. Section 194P was recently added to oblige banks to withhold tax from elderly people over 75 who receive a pension and interest rate from the bank. The Older People Savings Scheme (SCSS) is designed specifically for India’s senior citizens. The plan provides a steady source of income while also providing the maximum level of safety and tax savings. It is an excellent investment option for anyone over the age of 60. Let us check out…

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