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I seat in the cab and have a conversation with the town expert. The Taxi Driver. I grab their stories and inspiration. Write it into stories.

Bose Speaker is getting the Smart voice assistance makeover, and consumers can rejoice. Do you want to be able to operate your home entertainment system with your voice? Google, Amazon, Apple, and a slew of other tech companies are introducing AI voice technology to everyday household appliances. A completely voice controlled home electronic setup was a feature that could only be imagined in a science fiction program. It is now a reality, and BOSE speakers have made it possible. Here are 5 Bose Speakers that support voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa: Bose Smart Portable Speaker 500 Home…

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Fitbit has been credited for saving lives numerous time. Fitbit was once reported to saved the life of a woman who was having a heart attack, while another man’s life was saved after his Fitbit warned him of an unusual heart rate. Introduction It is astoundingly simple to ignore important signals coming from your body. Knowing a little bit about what’s happening within your body could help you make important—and possibly life-saving—decisions. In one American real-world case, a woman’s Fitbit saved her life when it noticed an odd fluctuation in her heart rate. According to CNN, Patricia Lauder, a 73-year-old…

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